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    Our history Our Management Team Our Board Members Legal information Disclosure statements Anti-Money Laundering Overview What makes us Out of the Ordinary? Many banks offer advice on investment and banking services. So does ANSBank Swiss. However, we also insist on giving you something more. Therefore, you can look forward to a bank which is not quite like the others. Private and Investment Banking with ANSBank Swiss means expertise and discretion at your disposal. We build transparent and lasting relationships with our clients, putting asset management solutions to work for you. Easy; As a client you will experience that we do whatever is in our power to make banking as easy as possible for you in your current situation. Therefore we will not bother you with cumbersome decision-making processes. Instead… you get direct access to your personal relationship manager your relationship manager is authorized and competent to make decisions together with you we will meet with you in person, on the phone or online – whichever suits you best your day-to-day banking is easily done on your computer, tablet or smartphone Personal; You will experience that we believe in personal relationships, and you will find that, when giving advice, your personal relationship manager has your best interest at heart and takes all aspects of your life into consideration. Your personal relationship manager will not receive any form of bonuses; instead has plenty of time to talk to you, so you together can define a strategy that is tailor-made for you Out of the ordinary We are out of the ordinary because we believe there is no such thing as ordinary clients. Therefore: we go out of our way to give you a unique, informal experience that you will not get at an ordinary bank. At ANSBank Swiss, clients, shareholders and employees are respected equally. It is a balancing act – if the balance shifts in favour of one or two of the groups, it will harm all the groups in the long term. 

  1. Our history

    Our history

    Type                       Aktiengesellschaft
    Industry                 Financial services
    Founded 2000;      19 years ago
    Founder                 Manuel Jung Sr.
    Headquarters         Zurich, Switzerland

    Key people; 
    Daniel F. Sauter                         (Chairman)
    Manuel Jung Jr.                         (CEO)
    Joachim H. Zorn                       (CFO)

    Products Private banking, wealth management

    Operating income:                    Increase CHF 1.768 Million (2018)
    Net income:                              Increase CHF 90 million (2018)
    AUM                                        Decrease CHF 32 Million (2018)
    Total assets                               Increase CHF 32.898 billion (2018)
    Total equity                              IncreaseCHF 1.042 billion (2018)
    Number of employees             112 (FTE 2018)

    Website; www.ansbankswiss.com

  2. Our people

    Our people

    Our Management Team
    Manuel Jung Jr. (CEO)
    Joachim H. Zorn (CFO)
    Laura Shonell (Vice President, HRM.)
    Ellena Schmitz (Vice President, Business Development)

    Our Board Members
    As the most senior body within ANSBank Swiss, the Board of Directors is responsible for the overall management of the Bank and for determining its strategic direction. It appoints and oversees the Executive Management and periodically revises and approves ANSBank's mission statement and strategy. The Board of Directors issues directives and guidelines and defines ANSBank's organizational structure and risk policy
    Chairman and Founder
    Manuel Jung Sr.

    Vice Chairman
    Juan Manuel Velutini
    CEO - Amicorp Bank and Trust Ltd. as well as the General Manager for Bancaracas Banking Corporation in Puerto Rico.
    Board Member
    Jean Pierre Mustier
    CEO - UniCredit
    Board Member
    Andrés Taracido
    Director, Swiss Financial Company & Trust SA
    Board Member
    Herbert J. Scheidt
    CEO - Vontobel
    Ellena Schmitz 
    Angela Naish

  3. ANS legal information

    ANS legal information

    ANSBank Swiss is a public company incorporated under the laws of Switzerland and with registered and principal offices in Zurich. The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors is Manuel Jung Sr., and the Chief Executive Officer is Manuel Jung Jr.
    ANSBank Swiss Gmbh
    Münsterhof 12 Postfach 
    5178 8022 Zürich 
    Tel/Fax:+ 41 43 505 12 16

  4. ANS disclosure statements

    ANS disclosure statements

    View our current and historical disclosure statements.

  5. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

    Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

    A United States law that requires all financial institutions around the world to identify customers who may be US persons and report their account information to their local tax authority.